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Dental Assistant Program

The mission of the Dental Assistant Program is to provide quality Dental Assistants to the community through a diversified and innovative educational programs, educate Dental Assistants who are competent, qualified and dedicated to work , hospitals, clinics, physician offices and other industries in the culturally diverse and constantly changing population and environment.

Upon completion of the Medical Assisting  Program, the graduate is able to:

  • Dental Assisting National Board Radiation Health and Safety Certification Exam.
  • Dental Assisting National Board Infection Control Certification Exam.
  • Create a reference tool for decoding dental terminology
  • Operate dental equipment
  • Apply principles of sit-down dentistry
  • Transfer dental instruments for various dental procedures
  • Maintain clear operating field
  • Maintain dental cutting instruments
  • Adapt dental assisting techniques when assisting with dental examinations
  • Record reported examination findings of the oral cavity structures
  • Chart dental pathology
  • Chart restorations
  • Document the treatment and procedures that have been performed
  • Assist with chairside pain control
  • Adapt dental assisting techniques when assisting with an amalgam restoration
  • Adapt dental assisting techniques when assisting with direct cosmetic restoration
  • Define preventive dentistry and its importance to the patient
  • Demonstrate proper tooth brushing and flossing techniques
  • Interpret dental procedures to a patient, using lay terminology

Application forms can be obtained at Saint Michael College of Allied Health at 8305 Richmond  
   Highway, Unit 10A, Alexandria, VA 22309.
Applicants will be considered for admission to Saint Michael College of Allied Health Medical Insurance and Billing after successfully completing the following requirements.

  • Submit completed application form and payment of application fee.
  • Provide an official, translated high school transcript from an accredited high school or GED.
  • Obtain a minimum score of 75% on Reading Comprehension and 70% on Math Admission Assessment.
  • Once the entrance exam is passed, an application for admission to the Medical Insurance Billing Program can be obtained.
  • A student may repeat the section of the entrance exam he/she fails , the exam may only be repeated once
  • Submit proof of high school education: diploma, transcript, or GED or attestation of having a high school diploma or GED.
  • Submit two personal references from previous teachers or employers.
  • Interview with the Program Director and/or the school representative.

To be eligible for certificate of completion , students must;

  • Have a minimum theory  of 75%, a satisfactory clinical performance.
  • Obtain a satisfactory performance in skill labs.
  • Successfully completion of the American Heart Association (AHA) cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification course offered by the college or  submit a current AHA CPR Certification card.
  • Successfully completion of the DANB RHS Review course offered by the DALE Foundation AND pass the national DANB Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) exam.
  •  The Dental Assisting National Board’s  Radiation Health and Safety Review course offered by the       DALE Foundation is an online review course, the estimated time for completion is 12 hours. The school will assist the students in registering for  both the review course and the national DANB Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) exam. The cost of the DANB RHS Review course and the national DANB Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) exam is included in the tuition for the program

The governing board of Saint Michael College of Allied Health shall appoint the Academic Committee.

  • The principal functions of the academic committee are administration and implementation of the school’s academic and general policies.


  • The academic committee consists of four full-time faculty members, including the Program Director/President, who serves as the chair.  Other committee members serve on a rotating basis.



Saint Michael College of Allied Health actively develops its human, financial, physical, and administrative resources in service of the following objectives:

  • Academic Scholarship and Partnership

SMCAH strives for high standards in teaching, research, and working with community, business and educational partners for the success of our learners and our college.

  • Quality

Saint Michael College of Allied Health strives to create an environment of teamwork and collaboration in which, through continuous performance improvement, faculty and staff pursue excellence, take pride in their work and the college, maintain their dedication to the advancement of knowledge through student learning, contribute to their profession, and serve the public.

  • Respect

SMCAH provides an environment that fosters mutual respect, student support, faculty and staff to assist or encourage students to develop to their maximum potential intellectually, socially, and physically as well as spiritually.  SMCAH provides an environment that enhances and stimulate learning for students.

  • Integrity

The college consciously integrates ethical values, openness, fairness and transparency into all courses and activities.

  • Accountability

The college meticulously implements outcome-based accountability measures in order to meet the expectations of the accrediting agencies, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, and other stakeholders.