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Organization & Governance

Saint Michael College of Allied Health operates under shared governance, which is evidenced in meeting agendas, minutes, and committee assignments. SMCAH maintains a committee structure to provide a mechanism for faculty, staff, and students to be involved in the decision-making process by acting in an advisory capacity to the President/Program Director. Committees at SMCAH are formed as needed for continuous improvement and the completion of work on specific tasks. Committees may be established by any employee of SMCAH with approval of the President /Program Director.

Student body is represented by having a representative of Student Government Association. At Saint Michael College of Allied Health, students are participating members of the several committees of the College, except those involving personnel decisions, and faculty tenure and promotion matters. Student Government Association provides recommendations to the President/Program Director for matters affecting student interests. In addition, student representation is encouraged on college ad hoc committees, task forces, and work teams involving or affecting student interests.

The purpose of Student Government Association is to represent the students in the decision-making process directly affecting students and to serve as a channel for the expression of student opinion; to encourage the personal and academic development of students through their participation in student activities; to promote a feeling of unity among the entire academic community of the college; to enhance the relationship between the academic community and its service area; and to maintain an active relationship with the SMCAH.