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Academic Staff

Saint Michael College of Allied Health actively develops its human, financial, physical, and administrative resources in service of the following objectives:

Academic Scholarship and Partnership

SMCAH strives for high standards in teaching, research, and working with community, business and educational partners for the success of our learners and our college.


Saint Michael College of Allied Health strives to create an environment of teamwork and collaboration in which, through continuous performance improvement, faculty and staff pursue excellence, take pride in their work and the college, maintain their dedication to the advancement of knowledge through student learning, contribute to their profession, and serve the public.


SMCAH provides an environment that fosters mutual respect, student support, faculty and staff to assist or encourage students to develop to their maximum potential-intellectually, socially, physically as well as spiritually. Provides an environment that enhances and stimulate learning for students


The college consciously integrates ethical values, openness, fairness and transparency into all courses and activities.


The college meticulously implements outcomes-based accountability measures in order to meet the expectations of the accrediting agencies, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, and other stakeholders.